Who participates ?

The teams

Teams allowed to participate are selected by a selective process. They are to be composed  of 3 students representing their school and respect the following criterias:

  • renewal of at least one member of the team having attended  last year,
  • no member of the team can participate more than twice in the ATC.

How to apply ? 

The appliance consists of sending us “an illustrated tasting comment” to the email address contact@challengeagrovinotech.com . The length of the comment is limited to 150 words. The attached picture must allow identification of the commented wine. Originality will be valued and lots of freedom is left the nature of the comment (serious, funny, satiric, ironic…).

The closing date for submitting your application is Sunday, February 21, 2021 at midnight.

On Monday, February 22th all applications will be posted on AgroParisTech’s Wine Association Facebook page. The final ranking of the teams will take into account:

  • for 50%, the number of likes received on your application
  • for 50%, the ranking established by the members of AgroParisTech’s Wine Association

The rankings of French and international schools are independent. Six teams of French schools and four teams of international schools will be selected.

The selection results will be communicated by email and Facebook on Monday, March 1, 2021.

This fun method of selection allows each school to gain visibility and further improves that of our competition.

The jury

The 2018 CAV’iT jury was composed of:

Mr. Frédéric Panaïotis Head of Caves Ruinart, President of the Jury
Ms. Maude Werquin, iDealWine Journalist
Mrs. Joëlle Weiss, Journalist Terre de Vins
Dr. Gabriel Lepousez, Lecturer, Guest of Honour